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Pacodep (Partners in Community Development Programme) is a local Ghanaian non governmental organisation (NGO) which is established in Kete Krachi in July 2003. The founder is George Achibra (1957), a passionate teacher who dreams of a Ghanaian society in which especially children will have their rights protected and their well-being guaranteed.
One of the biggest social problems Ghana is facing is child trafficking: thousands of children are recruited, transported, transferred and traded to become cheap labour, for example in the fishing industry in the Volta region.
The mission of Pacodep is to work with partners towards protecting the rights of all people, especially vulnerable children and supporting them to build their future.

George may be the one with certain dreams for Ghana, by now a large part of his family is somehow involved in the work of Pacodep, like his sons George jr, Kofi and Prince. They all adopted their fathers’ mission. George jr is Pacodep’s over-all coordinator, Kofi is houseparent in the children’s development centre the Village of Life and both join rescue missions. Prince is working behind the scene and maintain the website and Facebook.
Ever since Pacodep started its work, the organisation rescued more than 500 enslaved children. Their work doesn’t stop here. Besides rescuing children, the people from Pacodep sensitize and educate fishermen about the law, organize skills-training so fishermen can improve their livelihood without the use of child labour.  

The logo of Pacodep visualizes its range of thought.
The cornerstones in the colour of the Ghanaian flag symbolize the trafficked, enslaved children who once were seen as step stones like gravel on which you just walk on as you please.
The Black Star, Ghana’s national symbol stands for the rescued children who deserve to be seen as the future of the country.
The lines symbolize a crossroad in life; turning points in life. Pacodep is also functioning like a crossroad giving good opportunities to the children they recue to develop their future.

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