"Finally we become children again"

"Finally we become children again"

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Village of Life

After the rescue, Pacodep goes to trace the family of the child and tries to find out whether it is safe or not to send the child back home. Unfortunately, sometimes a child will be sold for the second time, after being sent home. If Pacodep finds it risky to let the child stay with his family again or the family cannot be found, they take the child with them to stay in the Village of Life, a children’s development centre in Kete Krachi, Krachi West District of Ghana.
For Pacodep it was better and logical to let the rescued children stay in Kete Krachi, in spite of the difficulties encountered from the slave masters to take back these children.

“The belief and misconception that Pacodep could re-traffick or endanger the lives of these children was there. Therefor we needed a place in Kete Krachi where people can see that the rescued children are well taken care of,” says George Achibra.

The Village of Life has a boys’ dormitory (Brian’s house) and a girls’ dormitory (Jantzen’s house). The first dormitory was completed in 2008 and in 2010 Pacodep built a second dormitory and two summer huts.
At the moment Pacodep has 49 children living in the Village of Life: 14 girls and 35 boys with varying ages between 6 - 20 years. Most of them are attending school, but some of the older children are getting skills training to become tailors, hairdressers, cobblers and electricians.

Besides going to school and church service these children are introduced to other social recreational activities. They engage in drawing and colouring, reading, dancing, playing music and playing games like football. Little by little they recover from the traumatic lives they have gone through before and become children again.

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