Pacodep rescues another child slave

Last week Pacodep managed to release another boy from child trafficking and child labour, because of the actions of a very brave woman who lived in the same village. She felt sorry for the boy after seeing all his suffering and contacted Pacodep a month ago. After some weeks of negotiation with his master, the boy, 12-year old Joe, was handed over to the people of Pacodep. Now he stays in the Village of Life, feeling safe and happy.

Joe was given away to his old grandmother after his father died 4 years ago and travelled with her to Cote d’Ivor. According to his own story:
“An unknown man approached my grandmother and told her to let me go with him to help with fishing and she did. However I couldn’t swim I was forced to dive and untangle nets. When I refused to do that, my master used to beat me with a robe or peddle. I learned a little bit how to swim and sometimes I was bleeding from my nostrils while diving. If I complained about it, there was no food for me that day. I slept in the same hut as fowls, laying under an old and torn net.
Then this woman who lived in the nearby house asked me what I should do if there was a possibility to escape? She wanted a good future for me and was willing to contact a certain man who could rescue me and so she did.”

It is our greatest wish to get more sponsors and donors to help putting a smile on the face of Joe and make it possible to rescue more children from their degrading and dangerous life.

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Pacodep, Ghana

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