Becoming a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer

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Becoming a volunteer

Ever since Pacodep started its mission, they got help from volunteers. These people are coming from all over the world, like Germany, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Canada, Scotland, U.S, Ireland and Denmark.
They come along with a variety of skills for the benefit of Pacodep and Kete Krachi.

You want to take off some time and come to Ghana to do voluntary work, as a professional or student with a background in teaching, medicine, social work, occupational therapy, journalism? You will be able to make a (small) difference here in Ghana.

“In 2012 I was staying in Kete Krachi for a year and worked as a social worker in the Village of Life and the community. It was an amazing and very special time in which I really could make a difference. Leaving Ghana and going home again was not easy at all!” (Patrice from the Netherlands)

Do you like to become a Pacodep volunteer?
If you decide to come to Ghana and want to assist Pacodep, please read the VOLUNTEER VISA APPLICATION PROCESS here.
It is highly recommended to speak English and to have some level of autonomy and adaptability.

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