Rescuing 4 children for the eye of the camera

In the run-up to the three day campaign in Kete Krachi on elimination of child trafficking and child labour, a journalist of TV 3 went on Lake Volta with Pacodep to get an understanding about the problem of child trafficking. Being on the Lake George sr and his men bumped into several fishermen with their child slaves and managed to rescue four young child slaves for the eye of the camera. Three boys and a girl who looked hungry, wretched and scared as they work for their masters.
Pacodep took the children with them and gave them a safe stay in the Village of Life. The youngest was only 5 years old.

New school block for Village of Life Academy

The school block of the Village of Life academy was becoming too small for all children attending the school. Pacodep built of a new four class room school block. At the beginning of the 2013 academic year VOLA will start P 6.

Professional football outfits donated by Anthony Annan

The boys from the Village of Life love to play football and many of them dream to become a professional player themselves one day. They were very honoured and excited to get professional football outfits (shirts, boxers and socks) from the Netherlands. The brother of a volunteer visited a professional football club and got in contact with the Ghanaian football player Anthony Annan (one of the Ghanaian Black Stars), who was playing in the Netherlands. When he and his team heard about the project of Pacodep in Kete Krachi, they decided to donate professional outfits and some official footballs for the boys.
They look so spectacular!

George sr visits Portugal: book launching on child trafficking

At the invitation of journalist Alexandra Borges and her organisation Filhos do Coração George Achibra sr travelled to Portugal. Alexandra was in Ghana some years ago and made a documentary about child trafficking and child labour in Ghana. She wrote a book about it and George received a copy of it during a ceremony, especially for this release.

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