New rescue by Pacodep

Last week Pacodep managed to rescue another trafficked child from child labour.
While George Achibra and his rescue team were on Lake Volta monitoring the situation, they found Kwamena Eric, a 7-year old boy who was sold or given away by his mother to a fisherman. The boy was 70 or 80 miles away from home and thank God only working in the fishing industry for 6 months.

Right now Kwamena is in the Village of Life to be rehabilitated and start education.
It is not safe to send the little boy back to his family. Pacodep hopes to find a sponsor for the boy.

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New website for Pacodep

We proudly present our brand new website! Pacodep is grateful for the help from our Pacodep ambassador in the Netherlands, Patrice van Zimmeren. She initiated the creation of the website and brought some professionals together who wanted to use their special skills for free to create a good website. Our special thanks go to the graphic designer, Rob Engelke, for his beautiful design and Maria Clarke of Intoappsnwebs, for building the website and make it work. May God bless you!

Donation of school books by International Book Project

The Village of Life Academy received a shipment of books by International Book Project as part of a partnership with Pacodep in Kete Krachi. The author Susan Ishmael-Poulos is the person responsible for connecting IBP and the Village of Life Academy. She brought boxes of books from Texas. The Academy will open their library soon. And what is a library without books?

Iqbal Masih Award for George Achibra sr

On the 28th of February 2013 George Achibra won the 2012 Iqbal Masih Award for the Elimination of Child Labour.
The United States Congress established the annual Iqbal Masih Award for the Elimination of Child Labour in January 2009 to recognize exceptional efforts by an individual, company, organization or national government to end the worst forms of child labour. This non-monetary award honours the spirit of Iqbal Masih, a Pakistani child sold into bonded labour as a carpet weaver at age four. He escaped his servitude and became an outspoken advocate of children’s rights, drawing international attention in his first fight against child labour. The boy was killed in Pakistan in 1995 at age 13.
George was selected for his work in rescuing hundreds of children from child labour and child trafficking in impoverished fishing communities in Ghana.

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