First child Village of Life goes to Senior High School

One of the older boys in the Village of Life is Joshua. When he was about 9 years old his parents died because of illness. A family member took care of the three children who were left behind. After some time Josh was told to go away to Lake Volta to work for some years for a total stranger to make money.

Joshua worked on a fishing boat with his master and another child slave. At night he slept a few hours in the canoe and for the rest he made long working hours on the Lake. Josh got food once a day and drunk water from the Lake. He was very scared of his master who beat him when he didn’t follow his orders or when he cried. In 2009 he was rescued by George and his organization and brought to the Village of Life.
In June 2012 Joshua completed Junior High School. He applied for Senior High School and he is admitted. A milestone, because Josh is the first of the Village kids who came that far! In the future he wants to become a pastor. For him Senior High School is a necessary step to achieve this. Meanwhile he hopes to learn more about ICT, because computers are the future.
We believe in him and know that this boy is part of the generation who will build a better Ghana. He is ready for the next step in his school career…
“Schooling is important, because it opens the gate for you to become whatever you want to be in the future,” according to Josh.

3 day campaign; elimination of child trafficking/child labour

Pacodep organised a three day campaign in the elimination of child trafficking and child labour in collaboration with the Cultural Affairs Department of the United States Embassy. The aim was to create much awareness on this issue. Theme was the role of the stakeholders in the community with the focus on the teacher and the assembly man.
“He who has imagination without learning, has wings but no feet. Let’s say NO to ignorance and educate ourselves on the human Trafficking Act.”
Many different speakers exposed the problem of child trafficking and child labour from different angles of incidence. They spoke about the political and legal point of view, but also about how to recognize a victim, the psychological effects of being a victim and their treatment.
The attendance was good and people distinguished the importance of the fight against child trafficking. At the end of the campaign every participant got a t-shirt and a certificate.
Pacodep was very satisfied with the progress and results of this campaign.

Rescuing 4 children for the eye of the camera

In the run-up to the three day campaign in Kete Krachi on elimination of child trafficking and child labour, a journalist of TV 3 went on Lake Volta with Pacodep to get an understanding about the problem of child trafficking. Being on the Lake George sr and his men bumped into several fishermen with their child slaves and managed to rescue four young child slaves for the eye of the camera. Three boys and a girl who looked hungry, wretched and scared as they work for their masters.
Pacodep took the children with them and gave them a safe stay in the Village of Life. The youngest was only 5 years old.

New school block for Village of Life Academy

The school block of the Village of Life academy was becoming too small for all children attending the school. Pacodep built of a new four class room school block. At the beginning of the 2013 academic year VOLA will start P 6.

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